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Asigurător dedicat segmentului Corporate

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Lider pe piața asigurărilor din regiunea Mării Negre

firma de asigurare segment corporate

CertAsig a plătit cea mai mare daună din anul 2012

Asigurarea de Bunuri pentru persoane juridice

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Asigurarea cargo și bunuri în tranzit

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Asigurări de construcții-montaj CAR/EAR

Customized business insurance quotes to fit your needs. CertAsig is the leader in non-life corporate insurance in the Black Sea Region

Who is CertAsig?

  • One of only a few independent insurance companies in Romania
  • 65% of our portfolio comes from Romania, 5% from Bulgaria and 30% from the Turkish marine market.
  • A profitable business with gross written premium volumes increasing from 0.7 mil EUR in 2007 to 14.5 mil EUR in 2015
  • More than 95% of business originates from insurance brokers
  • Regional offices in main Romanian cities, in addition to Bucharest Headquarter
  • Liaison offices in Istanbul, Turkey and branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why do brokers like working with us?

We are a dedicated team of highly qualified insurance specialists, providing efficient, comprehensive and fast service.

CertAsig provides:

  • Innovative insurance solutions in the Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish markets
  • Fair and prompt settlement of valid claims
  • First class panel of reinsurers underpins every policy issued

Petitions/complaints lodged against the company CERTASIG SA and lodget with the Financial Supervisory Authority last 3 months are total of 2 (two). Their structure can be found by visiting the dedicated page here

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